Private and Group
Private Lessons
Private lessons are the place to start!  I need to
be able to evaluate your riding level to be sure
that your communication with the horse and skills
are adequate to be safe in a group of horses.

Private lessons are also excellent for very small
children.  Even as young as 4 or 5, kids can learn
to follow the movement of the horse & it is a great
way to give a small child a good foundation to

I will taylor the private lesson to each individual
rider with the emphasis on being as safe as
possible, to have as much fun as possible & of
course to learn how to communicate with the
horse & feel good to the horse while you are

I will not progress any faster than you (or your
child) is ready for, yet I will encourage continual

I start first time & even more advanced riders "on
the line" as shown in the above picture, so that the
rider can focus on the movement of the horse &
not balance themselves using the reins.  An
independent seat is critical for more advanced
riding, and feels much better from the horse's
point of view!

It is important that my horses enjoy the lessons as
much as the student!

Private lessons are 30 minute sessions and cost
Group Lessons
Group lessons are the next step up from Private
lessons.  Group lessons teach more control
skills as the horses now take cues from the
other horses in the arena & it is often more
difficult to get them to do exactly what you want
to do!  Being herd animals, their preference is
to simply follow the horse ahead of them!

Students in group lessons are also taught how
to catch their own horse, tie it safely & groom it
prior to riding.

Group lessons are fun & can be more exciting.  
Students have to be willing to pay attention to
their horses as well as their class mates.

Group lessons really give the students a good
feel as to what it would be like to actually own
their own horse.

Even though students usually find a "favorite"
horse to ride, I encourage students to try
different horses, as each horse will teach each
person something new.

Riding well is not just about being able to ride
ONE horse well, it is about being able to ride
just about ANY horse well!

Availability of a group is subject to me having
enough compatible students to fill a new group

Group lessons are one hour long and usually
have 3 to 5 students in the class.  Group
lessons are $20.00 per student.